2020 reigns in the new TLW
New Design, New Watches,
New Spirit

Most of our clients know that The Luxury Well is a passion project by watch collectors for watch collectors.  We are fortunate that our parent company, The Embrayer Group, is profitable enough to allow us to operate TLW on a level of service and good will that would not be possible if profitability would be a key driver in the operation of the platform.
That is in wide parts also why our pricing is in most cases considerably below comparable product offerings.  

Since TLW started in early 2017, our passionate clients have continuously urged us to improve our sites navigation and overall usability.  We were now finally able to take the leap and redesign The Luxury Well.  

The most important improvement is the ease of navigation through the various brand collections.  For the first time, the navigation pane on the left allows clients to conveniently and quickly access all watches of a particular brand.  We have also completely overhauled the categorization of each product allowing for faster searches and better separation by various product properties.

For a more comparable overview of all product, we will move to change the first front picture of each watch to be a standard stock photo "soldier" shot.  We will continue to deploy our high resolution photography that TLW is now legendary for. After all, our passion for watch photography was the initial driver to create The Luxury Well.

We are also expanding our selection of exclusive brands and will continue to improve brand relationships to offer as many complete current collection models from as many luxury brands as possible.  We are extremely excited that we will soon announce a partnership with one of the most exclusive German watchmaking houses that has produced only the finest timepieces over the past thirty years.

Last but not least, we will expand our pre-owned selection and our offering of the listing butler.  So if you have a timepiece that you want to trade in or sell, let us know already, we can help you convert it to cash or into an upgrade to your existing collection.

Please make sure to email us your comments on the new TLW eBoutique to info@luxurywell.com.  Let us know what you think should still change, what additional improvements we have missed and what you really like or dislike.  All comments will automatically enter to win a Laco Flieger Watch.

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